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Admission In Gurgaon Schools - rasikapatil - 11-10-2021

Admission In Gurgaon Schools

At the HDFC School Gurgaon, learning is done through exploration, inquiry and expression. It’s what set us apart from most other good schools in Gurgaon. More than bright students, our holistic CBSE curriculum is focused on nurturing confident, inventive and bright citizens of the world.

[font=Times New Roman", "serif]The HDFC School Gurgaon follows a holistic CBSE education focused on creativity, collaboration, inquisitiveness. Besides academic excellence, we aim to nurture an atmosphere where students can learn critically, analyze things and express themselves freely.[/font]

RE: Admission In Gurgaon Schools - Sjackson3289 - 01-18-2022

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